Ancient Egypt

What did the Ancient Egyptians eat?


Since Egypt was very dry, and relied mostly on the Nile River to water the crops, the Egyptians could only grow certain kinds of food.  Mainly they grew wheat and barley. The Egyptians made the wheat into breads, cakes as well as soup and porridge. The Nile River provides the basis for most agriculture grown throughout the land. The river provided an abundance of fish, which was incorporated into many dishes.

The Egyptians also ate meat. You could go to a butcher shop and buy meat there, just like today. The Egyptians would not eat pig products (bacon or ham or pork or salami) because they thought pigs carried leprosy. They ate beef and mutton, duck and goose.

For dessert, the Egyptians liked to eat dates. This is a picture of some real Egyptian dates which were put into somebody's grave for them to eat in the next world, and which were preserved in the dry climate for three thousand years until archaeologists dug them up again. Many of the Egyptian desserts were flavored with honey

Vegetables were abundant in Egypt. Peas, beans, and onions were widespread and easily found. Garlic was well liked among the Egyptians as well. Leeks, lettuce, cabbage and turnips and olives were also staples among dishes.

Archaeologists have also found seeds which show that the Egyptians grew watermelons, and other kinds of melon and fruit. Grapes were harvested and made into wine for the people who could afford this luxury.






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